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Renato Zero 19/04/23 Livorno BUS ONLY

Renato Zero 19/04/23 Livorno BUS ONLY

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Viaggio in Pullman per il Concerto di Renato Zero

Partecipa al concerto di Renato Zero con un comodo viaggio dalla provincia di Lucca. Il nostro servizio, disponibile il 2, 3 e 5 marzo 2024, offre un trasporto andata e ritorno a soli 30€.


  • Partenza: Provincia di Lucca
  • Data: 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 marzo 2024
  • Costo: €30 (andata e ritorno)

Viaggia in sicurezza e comodità, condividendo l'esperienza con altri fan.

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Bus stops and itinerary details

Meeting point in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana with the following stops:
- departure at Castelnuovo di Garfagnana
- Borgo a Mozzano
- Lucca
- Florence
Arrival in Florence, Artemio Franchi stadium scheduled for .
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Times are indicative and may vary. The definitive timetable will be communicated via the news sheet.


The traveler is required to show up at the departure bus stop (indicated on the ticket) at least 15 (fifteen) minutes before the starting time of the journey.

Before starting the journey, the traveler must identify himself, where this is requested by the driver or other assistance personnel, by showing the travel document and a valid identity document.

The travel document has a unique numbering for each of the reservations, with a unique QR.

Travel Policy

On board the bus and during the entire journey, the traveler is required to comply with the instructions given by the driver and accompanying staff, and in any case, with the following general rules:

- ban on speaking or otherwise distracting the driver while driving the bus;
- prohibition to disturb other passengers;
- obligation to occupy only one seat;
- obligation to wear seat belts and any other restraint devices;
prohibition of smoking (including electronic cigarettes), consuming alcoholic beverages and taking drugs;
ban on transporting harmful and/or dangerous substances and/or objects;
- ban on throwing objects from the vehicle;
obligation to comply with any instructions issued by the carrier by means of notices displayed on board the bus;